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Biosecurity Group Opens Proposed Pest Rate Consultation in Mundijong

There was some great conversations between landowners and Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group (PHBG) at the first public consultation for the proposed declared pest rate.


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A few larger landholders were concerned that landholders would be charged at a proportion of the unimproved value of their land (i.e. ad valorem). They were relieved to find out the charge would be a flat rate, and it would be fixed (i.e. not vary according to property size).



The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group believe in a community wide approach to pest management and believe that a small flat/fixed rate for properties one hectare and above is fair. Controlling declared pests sustains the economic, environmental and amenity values of an area, protecting the reasons landholders chose to live there in the first place.


Landholders were encouraging towards education and engagement of the community. Many landholders who are committed to controlling pest animals and plants find trouble arises through shared property boundaries with absentee landholders and new lifestyle block owners. Many times a positive heads up with some help to find resources and to know where to start is all that is needed. The PHBG is committed to providing resources, support, and educational events to help landholders in the region learn about effective control options that are available.



The Peel Harvey region is large and covers many different land uses. This means pest priorities can change across the landscape.  While someone in Harvey may be focused on cotton bush, a resident in Serpentine may be most concerned about foxes. As a community based group with committee members from each Local Government Area the PHBG understands the complexities of declared pest management across the region. The PHBG is happy to discuss with landowners how the proposed pest rate can benefit them, as well as their community.


While it may be frustrating to think of the proposed declared pest rate as another ‘tax’ a landholder has to pay, realistically there is no secured, ongoing funding for the control of established declared pests. The big positive is for every dollar that a landholder contributes, the State Government will match it. All funds will be used specifically in the Peel Harvey region on declared pests, according to an operational budget that is approved annually.


The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group has more consultation events planned across the Peel Harvey region – you can look on the PHBG website or Facebook page for more information. Alternatively you can email questions to

MEDIA RELEASE- Fox control workshop in Harvey


Fox control workshop in Harvey

Members of the public wanting to know more about the latest approaches to controlling foxes on their property are encouraged to attend a free event at the Harvey RSL Hall on July 13, at 2 pm.

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group is putting on a workshop which promises information on new technologies and hands-on demonstrations.

The control of foxes comes at a critical time for two main reasons.

First, the calicivirus has knocked down rabbit numbers, and foxes will seek alternative food sources which may include poultry, young lambs, as well as native wildlife.

Second, the most effective fox control is achieved during late winter and spring: at this time foxes are less mobile as they are rearing young and food demands are high.

Participants are asked to register for the event so that organisers can accommodate all participants in the hands-on demonstrations.

Demonstrations will include the operation of the candid pest ejector, which is a new way of deploying 1080 to foxes.

There will also be information on permit requirements for 1080.

Vaughn Byrd, chairperson of the Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group, is keen for local landholders to attend. “The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group is committed to bringing the latest information on best-practice pest control to the local community,” he said.

“We have taken the opportunity to host a number of experts who are travelling through the South West in the hope that the community comes together to learn new skills and think about ways of taking a regional approach to fox management,” he said.

Please email your RSVP to

A light afternoon tea will be provided so please indicate whether you have specific dietary requirements.

Children can attend the event with an enclosed outdoor play area available to keep them amused.


Media Contact-

Jonelle Cleland

Executive Officer


Eddie Juras talking to Kristy Gregory fro Landcare SJ

Fox control hot topic at the Food and Farm Fest

The Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group is getting the word out on feral fox control, hosting local expert, Eddie Juras, at the  Food and Farm Fest held on the weekend.


Mr Juras was available to answer questions from festival goers for more than two hours.


With over 40 years of experience in the eradication of feral invasive species across Western Australia, Mr Juras is known locally as the fox whisperer.

Eddie Juras at the Food and Farm Fest 2016


Mr Juras specialises in the use of soft jaw traps, and is keen to pass on his wisdom to landholders.


“Landholders will quickly lose interest in trapping if they don’t get success. I want people to understand the nature of the fox, to help them trap in a way that respects this very intelligent animal,” Mr Juras said.


If you are interested in feral animal control measures that involve trapping, please contact Landcare SJ to book your place at their upcoming workshop.

Eddie Juras and Kristy Gregory from Landcare SJ at the 2016 Food and Farm Fest


The workshop will be held in Keysbrook, on Friday April 29, between 9 and 12. Bookings can be made by phone, 9256 0012, or email,


This is a free community event, supported by the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council through funding from the Australian Government.


Photos supplied by Georgina Hinds Photography