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In a short space of time Mike Donaghy and his wife, Kylie West have made incredible inroads controlling infestations of cotton bush and Apple of Sodom on their Brunswick property.

To demonstrate effective (and not so effective) methods of treating these declared weeds, Mr Donaghy will be hosting a field day on Wednesday, October 5, between 10am and 1pm.
“When we took on the property six months ago I was keen to get rid of cotton bush and Apple of Sodom to improve the productivity of the land. The infestations were so bad that grazing was severely inhibited.

With different advice on offer I decided to trial a range of chemical options, and also non-chemical methods.

The idea of a field day came to mind because I really want to fast-track other people’s control efforts by giving them the opportunity to see what has worked, and not worked for me”, Mr Donaghy said.
The field day will be supported by Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group (PHBG) and Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) and is open to any person who has an interest in controlling declared weeds in the region.
Chairman of Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group, Vaughan Byrd extended his thanks all those landowners who have been treating their cotton bush and Apple of Sodom.

These two weeds spread so rapidly and we need a community effort to control them. We are grateful to Mike for holding this field day and I encourage landowners to come and learn about the most effective methods of treatment.

The field day will also show how a few untreated cotton bush plants can turn into a 40 hectare infestation within several years,” Mr Byrd said.

Register your interest to attend the field day with the Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group, by email You will receive an information pack with directions to the property and an outline of the program, which will include an opportunity to chat over freshly made sandwiches. Children are welcome at this event.

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