Cotton Bush is costing you and your farm!

Declared weeds are targeted as they reduce productivity on prime farm land and cotton bush is the declared weed firmly in the sights of the Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group. 

cotton bush

The Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group was initiated from Community concern over the impact that cotton bush is having on agriculture and the environment. This Community based organisation is dedicated to working with landholders, agencies, industry and local government to highlight areas of concern and to assist all types of landholders to manage infestations through a coordinated approach.

The group also understand that property owners can be overwhelmed with starting a plan to control weeds on their property, especially if there is a heavy infestation or they are affected by weeds on adjoining land. The group are hosting four workshops that will help participants create a weed management plan for their property. Each workshop is tailored with a regional focus with an informative presentation and an opportunity for landholders to work with experienced weed controllers to create a workable easy to follow management plan for their property.

The Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group will also be handing out chemical vouchers for new members of the group and participants of the workshops to aid them in their control of cotton bush.

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