Our Vision

The impact of priority pests has been reduced to an acceptable level within the operational area of the Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group.

Our Mission

To have the management of priority pests on the day-to-day agenda of all individuals, businesses, industry groups, community organisations and government departments who either reside, work or function within the operational area of the Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group.

Our Role

To implement management and activity plans for priority pests that encourage landholder participation, foster education and knowledge exchange, support stakeholder communication and consultation, facilitate effective partnerships, build good governance structures and long-term funding mechanisms.

Our Backstory

A public meeting in 2013 indicated that pests, particularly cotton bush, are a major concern in the Peel-Harvey Region. In 2014 the Peel-Harvey Biosecurity Group formed to initiate, promote and foster the management of cotton bush and other established pests.

Our People

The PHBG committee is comprised of local government and community representatives from the City of Mandurah, as well as the Shires of Harvey, Murray, Serpentine-Jarrahdale and Waroona.

The PHBG is supported by two part-time positions; an executive officer and a communications/project officer.

The skill set common to all committee members and staff include big picture thinking, influencing skills and the ability to work cooperatively.